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At the Otago Street Rug Rooms, we understand rugs can serve many purposes throughout the home, adding comfort and personality to any space. Rugs can, most importantly, help your frame a space. Smaller rugs can often appear mean in larger spaces. Therefore before you select a rug, you must decide the purpose of the rug.


In Scene A we see the most common implementation of a rug: to centre the space between chairs in a seating area. The rug should be generously sized, so it doesn't create too much distance visually between seats and leave the room feeling cold. 

In Scenes B and C we see couches placed half on the rug adding flow and a sense of luxury to the space. While Scene C is a large and luxurious room, Scene B's rug allows for a feeling of luxury in a smaller space, adding a bold pattern which complements the colour scheme of the room.

In Scene D we see a rug used to frame a dining area. This approach in suitable in both dining rooms or in larger open spaces with dining areas. Again, make sure that the rug is sufficiently large. Having smaller pieces of furniture such as dining chairs or side tables appearing to "fall off" a rug is visually distressing.

In Scene E we see a very common use for a rug. A large rug, covering the underside of a bed, can help frame a bed as well as offering a warm place to stand when you wake up. Two smaller rugs, either side of a bed, can offer a similar effect.

In Scene F we see a large rug used to frame a seating area within a much larger room. This is common in large and luxurious spaces, famously in the Oval Office of the President of the United States. We recommend this approach to anyone with large, open rooms with hard flooring underneath to add both warmth and purpose to a seating area.

If you are unsure about the size of rug you need for your space pop into our rug store in Glasgow's West End for a consultation. We'll even visit your home if need be.

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