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& rug care


The Otago Street Rug Rooms are happy to offer rug cleaning and maintenance advice to our customers.


Handmade rugs are famously durable. Ideally they will last a lifetime and can be cleaned and repaired often, if need be. Everyday spillages and stains can be treated as they would be on other carpet types, ideally with a soft soapy solution. Get in touch with us or visit our rug shop in Glasgow's West End and we'll recommend local specialists if you are dealing with more serious stains or damage.


Excess fibres not incorporated into the yarn while spinning leaves all new rugs shedding some fluff. We recommend frequent vacuuming of the new rug and the fluffing will stop soon. Your new rug is not falling apart!


Even the finest dyes are not immune to photodegradation, the effect of sunlight naturally fading colours. If your rug is presented in a naturally lit room it will fade over the passing of years. We recommend flipping or rotating your rug so the dyes fade evenly over time.

Loose Threads

Each knot in a rug is independent (pulling on a loose thread will not unravel your rug!). During the manufacturing of rugs, the initial length of the pile is much longer and is then sheared down to its desired size. Longer threads may get through the shearing process and into the final rug. We recommended using sharp scissors to trim the thread down. 

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